1. Concept drawing for a fairy tale. We’ll see if it goes anywhere.

  2. I refrained from uploading the cover with the comic yesterday, but it’s just too pretty. From the print copy of “The Unlucky Ones”. You can read the comic below, or by following this link: http://unovis.tumblr.com/post/78253426746/the-unlucky-ones-from-james-the-vampire-co

  3. The Unlucky Ones.

    From: James the Vampire & Co. ©LastDays

    my latest. On the one hand, I like genre work because it’s a kind of rhetorical exercise which liquidates the individual, the visionary artist, allowing me to focus on formal concerns. On the other hand, it’s simply what I want to write and draw when I wake up in the morning. 

  4. Forgot about this one. A two pager which may or may not be published at some point in a music-themed anthology which may or may not be printed by people who may or may not exist. Not my best but, she’ll ride.

  5. kids tell me you’ve got to be consistent with Tumblr. So here’s what I did today. A rough rough page 1 layout for my next genre piece, “The Deadly Gultch”. Who wants a double cross? Or two? 


    XØXØ J∆ME$ † V∆MP¡RE

  7. unovis:

    Unovis Lives! Welcome to the tumblr for the Art and Literature of Nik James, renewed and revised. This was formerly a stream of context free images, which can still be found a ways down the list. Context free imagery aggregated from the web will still show up interspersed with the work from time to time probably.

    I do not work fast, so updates will be untimely. I am not desperate for attention, and my concern for this glorified high school popularity contest is driven purely by the necessity of industry and market.

    To paraphrase Nietzsche, that which is timely fades with the times. Our untimeliness is the mark of our immortality. 

    Hugs and Kisses / Eat Glass and Die,

    Nik James, aka James the Vampire, aka Jim Crow, aka Comic Book Game Willie Nelson, aka Evelyn James, aka Jack Iroquois the Smuggler, aka the Handsome Hungarian


  8. My most recent completed comic, “The Aurora Mission”, an exercise in genre work. It isn’t perfect, and I hope to reorganize some of it one of these days when I’ve got time. All in all, an ok comic though.

  9. An offhand illustration regarding the dubiousness of meaning, per the enlightenment reality principle, since the successful colonization of the psyche by global capitalism.

  10. "All Tomorrows", an adaptation of the Aesop’s fable, the Amaranth and the Rose. Admittedly, these files look pretty poor resized for the web, but I don’t really care. Presentation values come and go, art is forever, and I don’t do consumer expos. Enjoy my dalliance with my shojo influences.